Successful Investing in Commercial Real Estate Starts with the Right Advisors

Real estate

Look before you leap.

Then have someone who knows the terrain take another look, a better look.

Investing in commercial real estate should not be a leap of faith. You make the purchase because you believe it will make you money. Getting the right advice can make a world of difference in commercial real estate, and working with someone whose process and planning has shown repeated success offers confidence that your next commercial real estate investment will be as successful as your vision for it.

The commercial real estate firm you pull in to help you with your project should take your ideas and make them into a well thought out strategic plan, backed up by all of the relevant details of the competitive environment you are about to enter. You want facts, figures, analysis and feet on the ground commonsense appraisals. The commercial real estate firm you choose to work with will have demonstrated success in projects your size, and its customers, whom you will speak to confirm that this is the right firm for what you want to accomplish.

You want a real estate firm that has specific experience in your kind commercial real estate endeavor and has the kind of insightful leadership that you know can take you to the next level. You might like to work with someone like Brian l katz, a senior partner in his organization with 25 years of experience handling capital markets, leasing, acquisitions, and asset management and development. At his current company, Brian katz has sourced, acquired and financed $1.8 billion in flex, industrial and residential assets. Is that someone you might want to talk to?

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