Insuring that Goods are Processed the Right Way

Brc certification

Each year, food poisoning kills about 3,000 Americans. The need for quality control remains as important as ever, as one life is too much to pay for poor quality and safety practices when the ability to properly approach safety is at hand. HACCP training provides a systematic approach to food safety through a set of guidelines and principals.

The HACCP in HACCP training stands for Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points. The training puts a focus on certain points in food production that could be especially risky and tries to implement procedures to overcome the risk associated with those critical points. HACCP training puts procedures into practice that ensure food safety certification and Haccp certification.

There are several different types of standards, trainings, and certifications to enhance quality and safety management.
The BRC (British Retail Consortium) developed the food BRC Food Technical Standard in 1998 to address the need of the industry to evaluate the food product brands of retailers. Now food within Britain must meet BRC certification.

For more than 100 years, the salmonella bacteria, which was named for Dr. Daniel E. Salmon, has been a known cause of sickness. In order to curb food poisoning, the California Food Card Law only permits employees to serve, prepare, and store food if they have food handler cards.

Besides HACCP training, ISO training teaches the basics of quality management systems. ISO 9001 training is an easy to use internet course open to anyone that can be completed in just a few minutes. CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is another approach to improving processing. The Cmmi certification procedure guides process improvement all the way through a project, division, or even an organization.

To insure the safety of consumers there are several standards, such as HACCP training and certification, that must be met by processed goods. Occasionally, bad supplies still sneak out, but as training and knowledge of the risk increases, the danger becomes less of a threat.

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