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The hippest and smartest people of Rochester know that my Rochester is the number one source to find out about Rochester things to do. Thus, if you find yourself alone on Friday night wondering what to do in Rochester, my Rochester offers a many choices of events in Rochester NY, many of which involve Rochester music. While there are several fine Rochester event listings, my Rochester is one of those sources to which you can always turn and know that you will find something that will keep you entertained any day or night of the week.

For a city of its size and location, Rochester does offer a lot of things to do. However, when one is busy with the demands of life, career, and perhaps even a family, it can be challenging to keep track of the what, where, and when of Rochester NY events. Fortunately, my Rochester offers busy folks a one stop source for the most accurate and current information regarding Rochester area events and happenings. Thus, rather than juggling five different publications or wasting your time browsing at least that many websites, my Rochester provides you with all of the most relevant information on Rochester area events.

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