What Every Strong Dental Practice Website Should Have

There are four specific things that every dental website design should have. For instance, no dentist office website is complete without information on what that practice actually offers. As another example, all websites for dentists should have a certain look about them that only experts in creating dentist websites really know about. Experts in the design of these kinds of dental practice website caution dentists to have these following elements included in their sites.

One, a strong dental practice website should be very clean looking and professional looking too. It should avoid silly and childlike fonts that have squiggles and other cutesy things in them. Instead, the font should be formal yet approachable, and the colors used in the overall design should follow the color scheme that the dental practice actually has. This keeps the branding of that practice in line both in the traditional and the virtual sense.

Two, a strong dental practice website should include biographies of the men and women in practice. This includes the main dental professional who runs the show, but it additionally should include the dental hygienists on staff, the office manager, and anyone else employed by the practice. This shows prospective patients that the main dentist truly cares about his or her staff and wants to promote these professionals as trusted members of the practice.

Three, a strong dental practice website should incorporate a mix of original content and content that will remain stagnant. The stagnant content, or the anchoring text, can include the mission and scope of the practice, including the services offered, the prices for such services, and the types of insurance accepted. The rotating copy serves two purposes. One is to inform patients and prospective ones about the top dental trends and other useful information they can use, and the other is to optimize these sites. Fresh content normally equals higher ratings on search engines.

Four, a strong dental practice website should have several different ways listed to reach out to the dental provider or to the office staff. This includes publishing a main phone number for the practice, an email address where questions can be sent, and a fax number should a patient want to fax over medical or dental records. Some dental websites include blank forms where people can fill out their information and send it off, and this works perfectly fine too. Leaving nothing there is what gets some dentists into trouble as far as gaining new patients.
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