Make Money Off of Your Scrap Metal

Sell carbide

Carbide is a material scientist’s word for a compound of carbon with something more electro negative.Metal carbides are characterized by their extreme hardness and resistance to high temperatures, and are used as abrasives, and in cutting, drilling, grinding, and polishing tools. See also hard metal.

If you are a tool and grinding shop producing carbide scrap, do not get rid of it! Did you know that you can sell carbide scrap? There are many services to aid you in the removal of your tungsten carbide scrap, high speed steel and other scrap metals.

When you ship your scrap to scrap carbide buyers, it usually brings some of the coolant to the top. That excess top oil is typically removed before sampling. Core samples are taken to a lab for analysis, and the heavier, more valuable material will have settled to the bottom. An analysis is returned with the break down of the drum contents, typically a percentage of cobalt, tungsten and moisture, and then you have the option to sell scrap carbide.

Carbide scrap prices vary depending on the breakdown of the drum contents. Grinding sludge seems to be worth about $800 a barrel! Carbide scrap prices depend on how dry it is, as well as the tungsten content.

If you should decide to sell scrap carbide, there are several great companies who will pick up barrels to make the process easier. Instead of wasting your scrap, sell scrap carbide! work with one of these companies to receive carbide scrap prices and payment for your scraps.

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