Auto Body Restoration In Miami

Body shops in miami

While automobiles have been around since the late 19th century, the first self powered vehicle dates back to 1789. Used to haul cannons around battle sites, this vehicle weighed a whopping 8,000 pounds. By 1901 cars gained popularity with ordinary citizens, but the Oldsmobile model from that era was steered with a tiller and only had one engine cylinder. In contrast, the Mercedes from the same era had a 35 horsepower engine, could go reach 53 mph and is sometimes considered the first modern automobile. It would be almost another 30 years though before radios made it into cars.

Cars have been around for over a century, but drivers are still having accidents and auto body shops in Miami can help restore cars after an accident. Doral Collision Center is one body shop Miami has. Dents and collisions are all potential hazards in vehicle ownership, but auto body shops in Miami can help area residents get their cars fixed following an accident. Most cars only need about a third of a shot glass worth of gasoline to get started. But if you are also concerned with the appearance of your car as well as its ability to run, auto body shops in miami can help restore the outward condition of your car, too.

If you drive a foreign car and need a European collision center Miami has plenty to choose from, but not all of the body shops miami has are able to service specialty import vehicles. Specialty auto body shops in miami may be able to order the necessary parts for your import vehicle and their technicians may be trained specifically on your foreign vehicle.

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