Portable Scanners Can Provide Your Employees With A Great Information Gathering Tool

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The estimation that knowledge workers can spend up to nearly a third of their work day looking for information is not a comforting thought for business owners who are trying to ramp up efficiency and one of the best ways to put a stop to such wastes of time is to provide each employee with portable scanners. Portable scanners allow the instantaneous recording of information where it can be uploaded to the cloud; a computing market that the Analyst firm Gartner estimates will have a worth of about $150 billion dollars by the end of 2013. Gartner also estimates that roughly 60 percent of the workloads which are on servers will move to the cloud in no more than five years and portable scanners will play a huge role in this change.

In terms of reducing waste and employing green practices for your business, utilizing portable scanners cannot be beat since it is thought that typical workers use about 10,000 pieces of paper annually as stated by Reduce.org. As a whole, Info Trends estimated that there are more than a trillion physical business documents which are either printed, faxed, or copied each year in the United States alone and this is a huge waste of resources that could easily be spared by the widespread introduction of portable scanners. This means that even though business card readers would represent an initial investment for your company, the savings over time would be huge.

By employing the global use of business card scanners across your company, you will be able to support a vast digital filing system that could be based in the cloud and could be accessed by anyone qualified in your business from anywhere. Using portable scanners will help your business to start using twenty first century concepts to improve itself.

This also means that if you have employees on the road, they will be able to use their laptop scanners to instantly upload important documents and information to the same cloud based data base being used at home base. Providing portable scanners is what will universalize everything in your business. The instant transfer of information will make it easier to organize information and follow up on leads.

The results of your efforts will turn out to help your business in more ways than one. Using fewer resources to increase efficiency is a win on multiple levels. It could even help your business to begin an era of growth.

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