Finding A Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Tampa FL

Dr isidoros moraitis

In 2011 there were nearly 400,000 breast related plastic surgeries performed. About a quarter or those surgeries were lifts with the remaining 300,000 being augmentation. If you are in the market for increasing your cup size, Tampa breast implants surgeons may be able to assist you.

If you are researching breast augmentation tampa FL you may know that there are several types of breast implants available from various manufacturers. There are two options to choose from when looking into breast implants Tampa FL there are saline and silicone. In 1992 the FDA stopped the sale of silicone implants for safety concerns. In 2006 new research was conducted and the sale of silicone gel implants renewed.

Tampa breast augmentation surgeons may be able to offer your surgery on an outpatient basis and many offer choices on preforming the surgery under general or localized anesthesia. Plastic surgery should only be preformed by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. Research many breast augmentation Tampa FL clinics to find a doctor who will be right for you. Breast augmentation tampa fl can also help those who have had breast removal or damage from cancer.

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