CCTV DVR Anchored Systems Popular with Homeowners

Surveillance camera systems

Security camera systems are taking off across the U.S. In Chicago, former mayor Richard Daley has announced plans to install a camera at every street corner. In the home, 2 million home burglaries are reported every year, leading to home omwners searching for a solution. Surveillance camera systems, often anchored by CCTV cameras and a CCTV DVR, are some of the best security systems that owners use.

A home system a CCTV DVR anchors is made of both the CCTV DVR and a bank of outdoor security cameras. These CCTV cameras are used for surveillance, and can either be video cameras or still cameras. Many Cctv cameras have a unique IP address that allows them to stream wirelessly to the central component of the system, the CCTV DVR.

A CCTV DVR, or digital recording device, is what actually captures the images. Short for digital recording device, many Americans know of them as a way to record TV programming. A CCTV DVR works on a similar principle. Coming in an 8 channel DVR and 16 channel dvr variety, a CCTV DVR records images the cameras have captured, and then time stamps then. In fact, a good CCTV DVR even offers augmented reality, detecting on its own both heat signatures and motion.

Owners like systems anchored by CCTV DVRs because they are safe and reliable. Most are custom installed and easy to fix. Since the vast majority of CCTV DVR systems are wireless, they are free from the risk of sabotage. Additionally, home owners like the do it yourself aspect of installation, which often gives them a sense of independence.

Systems anchored by CCTV DVRs are a good response to the rise in burglaries and home invasions. Wireless and easy to repair, they are durable and resilient to external threats. With augmented reality, they can even capture threats visible light cannot see. As a result, most home owners are pleased with their investment.

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