Military Moving Tips

Military dity pay

The military dity move program is not typically used for overseas moving. Military moving happens when a soldier receives orders for a new duty station. The government has a program that reimburses military members for the cost of their move. However, military moving can be done mostly by soldiers, especially if soldiers are interested in pocketing some cash. By using a DITY move calculator, a soldier can calculate how much they will receive from the government for a military move. Cutting out the expenses of a move is achieved b y performing more aspects of a move, such as loading your own possessions or using your own truck or van to ship your possessions to a new duty station.

Moving is already stressful enough without worrying about the financial aspects of a move. Planning ahead is the best way to reduce the stress that is typically associated with moving. Military moving programs, such as the DITY program, actually provides a certain amount of insurance coverage, which is 25,000 dollars of coverage. One major advantage of a DITY move is the soldier’s ability to have complete control over how they plan on moving. By having control over every aspect of a move, a military member is able to cut corners on the cost of a move.

Every single year, the Department of Defense and the U.S. Coast Guard ships around 225,000 shipments during hot summer months. Military moving can be done quite easily by a military member if the proper preparations are made ahead of time. Soldiers are allotted a certain amount of allowances for weight when it comes to transporting household items. The rank of a soldier actually dictates the amount of benefits that will be received by the government for a move. Finding more information about how to handle military moving is done easily online.

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