Can’t decide between carpet or hardwood for your floors? Searching hardwood floors Rockville MD can help make your decision easier

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Choosing between carpet and hardwood floors for your home is not an easy decision to make. Both types of flooring have positives and negatives. Searching under hardwood floors rockville MD can direct you to flooring companies that specialize in both.

Gone are the days when a home owner had three options for flooring: one choice for carpeting and two choices for wood floors. The two varieties wood floors came in were plank boards that were eight inches or wider and strip boards that were between two and four inches wide. Back in the day, plank flooring was the choice in rural homes and strip flooring was seen in more upscale homes. Now, after searching hardwood floors Rockville MD, you will see that plank flooring is standard. The standard carpeting used to be shag. Now, you can choose from woven, needle felted, knotted, tubed, and flat weave.

Think of the environment and the health of your family when choosing flooring. One company you may come across in your search of hardwood floors Rockville MD called EcoTimber is dedicated to using environmentally friendly floor materials. Also, according to the EPA, wood floors allow for better indoor air quality, as opposed to carpet or other materials like linoleum. Interestingly enough, linoleum was the first name to eventually become a generic term used in the business after fourteen years on the market.

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