A personalized card holder for weddings: a must have for all couples!

Card holder for weddings

When planning a wedding, there is one element that is typically not given a lot of thought: the wedding reception gift card box. In all honestly, more attention should be given to the wedding reception gift card box because it is truly essential. The guests have to be able to put their cards some place safe, considering the contents of them. A typical card holder for weddings is either a box shaped like a church or a nice basket with a bow tied on it.

Believe it or not, there are some couples who actually try and think of different wedding card box ideas. However, in the end, they usually select the church shaped box as their wedding card money holder because they know that it will be easily recognizable at the reception. Everyone will see the church and know that that is the wedding money holder.

In 2007, one company decided to create a different card holder for weddings; something that would set their card holder for weddings apart from the usual church shaped ones. After brainstorming a variety of wedding card holder ideas, they created and patented a “completely personalized” wedding card box that is still the only “completely personalized” wedding card box on the market.

So, what sets this personalized wedding card box apart from all of the others, you ask? The first thing is the shape. It is a wooden box that stands upright. It comes in white or black. There is also a rustic option, which simply means that the box is not painted. Also, the style of the box is picture frame. Each side of the box holds a photo. Couples can purchase a box that holds four eight by ten photos or a box that holds four eleven by fourteen photos.

Furthermore, one does not have to spin the box to see all of the photos because it rotates on a base three hundred sixty degrees. And do not worry about someone taking off with the wedding card holder at the reception because there is a lock on it. Stealing the contents of the box is virtually impossible.

This company certainly came up with a genius idea for a card holder for weddings. Goodbye churches, hello “completely personalized” boxes, complete with picture slots and with space to write the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date.

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