Register Free Blog Early on in Your Blogging Career

A blogging career is a wise move especially if you want to be your own boss that determines how much to earn each month. Blogging is a great way to show the world of what you know especially if you have been doing it for years. A good example would be doing some online writing work. Now, you have a writing portfolio to show. If you add a blog, you must update it with new content. To determine if blogging is for you, why not register free blog at one of the two different places?

You have WordPress and Blogger. In the free version of WordPress, you cannot register nor get a domain name for it which prevents you from monetizing it. However, with Blogger, you can whether you paid for a domain link or not. If you want to be viewed as a professional blogger or so with your line of work, register free blog before you get very serious. You would be able to track how progress is going for you.

Early on in the career of these successful bloggers that people seem to know about, they had to learn some stuff the hard way. In such rare cases, a few of them actually did not register free blog. Later on, they regret not doing it. Many bloggers, in most cases, seem to choose this route which is awesome since the readers who are used to one link would remember and would go back to your site.

It is not hard to register free blog. In fact, if you wanted some help, your friends or family will be more than happy to register free blog for you. If you had never blog before, you should at least see what other bloggers post on their blog. You could learn a thing or two and maybe some would offer some suggestions on how to register free blog.

Some people would pay someone else to help them register free blog in order to prevent them from going through the process of learning on how to do it. I highly recommend not going that route because if one day, you decide to create another blog and still work with your current one, you would not know how to register free blog like the professional did with your first blog.

Now that you get this register free blog thing down, it is time to get started.

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