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Archive for May 30, 2013

Plan Your Military Dity Move Wisely

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2011 military dity

During a military dity move or the process of moving the possessions of a military member, the costs are covered by the government. The Government Constructed Cost or GCC is the amount the government pays, up to but not exceeding the total weight of the household items that has been authorized. This means that while a military move is stressful for the member as well as civilians, a move must be planed thoroughly and wisely. Moving is considered to be the third most stressful life experience, following death and divorce.

Using a dity move calculator during a military dity move is a great way to plan. The calculator will let you enter weights so that you can try not to exceed a covered weight allowance. Understanding what expenses can be reimbursed during a military moving procedure is important as well. Expenses that are covered include truck or trailer rental; packing material costs; hand truck rental; costs for packing blankets and furniture pads; and gas, oil, and toll fees for the moving truck.

A military dity move and its costs can also be covered through other programs in conjunction with the GCC. A Military dity move can also be covered by the Government Bill of Lading that covers cost for shipping household goods.

When getting ready for a military dity move, make sure you understand the coverage and limitations of these programs. Plan accordingly to ensure that most, if not all, costs of the military dity move will be reimbursed. Do not hesitate to ask questions, so that the move will be as stress free as possible.

Using Employer Sponsored Childcare

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Corporate childcare

Nearly one quarter of working parents in the U.S., topping out at approximately 23 percent, use “multiple arrangements” for their childcare needs according to a 2010 United States Census report. This trend speaks to availability and cost of daycare that working parents face in terms of finding appropriate coverage for school age and younger children while at work or traveling to and from work. Employer sponsored childcare has emerged to fill this gap for corporate childcare needs and has become a potentially major selling point for employee retention and recruitment.

Employer sponsored childcare includes corporate daycare facilities and learning centers for the exclusive use of employees, usually in on site daycare facilities. This ability to provide childcare in the workplace relieves potential stress from finding consistent childcare and potentially shortens commutes when not facing child drop off at other facilities. In addition to the convenience it provides to current employees, it aids retention and becomes a very desirable recruiting tool.

In terms of finding Pa childcare or PA daycare, the ability to use employer sponsored childcare can trump many of the competing benefits in terms of employee recruitment. There is the perceived monetary benefit in not having to pay for childcare, but there is also the engagement and goodwill established with the company. Retention numbers will improve, from the benefit of subsidized childcare, but also from the perceived cost of switching away from employer sponsored childcare.

A report from Childcare Aware of America shows that childcare costs for two kids is greater than the median annual rent in each state. For some families that puts them in a significant financial “hamster wheel”. They work to pay for childcare and other bills, but their childcare is almost too expensive to work outside the home. Selecting an employer sponsored childcare program can be just as critical as finding the right job.

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